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Russellville aldermen to survey residents

RUSSELLVILLE — The city of Russellville is on a final push to get residents to respond to a U.S. Census Bureau survey connected to the city’s stormwater project.

A $500,000 Community Development Block Grant could be used for stormwater infrastructure improvements.

Members of the Board of Aldermen will soon go door to door in an effort to obtain at least 55 completed surveys.

Officials with the Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission told the board in late March they need 51 percent of Russellville residents to fit in the low- to moderate-income range for the city to qualify for the grant.

The survey requests a range of household income. CDBG defines low to moderate income for a family of one to earn no more than $40,050.

Lincoln Brown, regional planner with Mid-Missouri Regional Planning, told the board Thursday he will begin reviewing the received surveys to determine the city’s current status.

The city has done well with the number returned through mailings, he added. The deadline for the CDBG application is July 31.

East Ward Alderman Matt Grayson said residents may need board members to explain the survey and its impact.

“We need to talk about the benefits of why we’re doing this,” Grayson said. “… This is how we have to do this to improve our streets and stormwater.”

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