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Eldon city administrator resigns

Jennifer Vernon was appointed interim deputy city clerk Tuesday night at a special board meeting. Ward 3 Aldermen Bryon Hull acted as mayor pro tempore. Photo by Danisha Hogue /News Tribune

Eldon City Administrator Debbie Feeback resigned this month. Her resignation comes on the heels of former City Clerk Tara Berreth, who also resigned this month.

“Since 2008, I was the fourth city administrator. And in the period from 2008-18, 23 months of that time, the city administrator position was vacant, according to city record,” Feeback said. “In a position like this, being a part of the solution is imperative. The role is outlined by statute and ordinance. There comes a time when one has to look at their values and how they align with the employer.”

She said she submitted her resignation earlier this month, about three days after Berreth’s resignation.

The Eldon Board of Aldermen held a two-minute special meeting Tuesday to appoint Jennifer Vernon as interim deputy city clerk, beginning immediately.

“The mayor asked me if I would, and I love my city — lived here all my life — and I thought, why not,” Vernon said. “Anything to help.”

Vernon is also the public works/codes administrative assistant city clerk. Her duties as deputy city clerk will be on an as-needed basis while the city is in the process of finding someone to permanently fill the position.

There currently are no plans in place to fill the city administrator position.

Berreth’s last day was Jan. 11 after almost 13 months with the city. She accepted a position with Osage Beach.

“She came to the city with 19 years’ city government experience and brought a wealth of knowledge in planning and zoning and utilities in addition to a multitude of other things,” Feeback said Tuesday.

She said before Berreth, the city was without a deputy clerk. Feeback had her position since April 2016.

After discussions with Mayor Larry Henderson, Feeback agreed to stay until some housekeeping was taken care of including changes to the city’s software system. Her last day will be Feb. 15.

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